Have you ever felt like your business was crushing you? You ask yourself, “How am I supposed to keep this going? Get everything done? And (oh uh, by the way) not burnout in the process?”

Yeah. I have. (*See’s all entrepreneurs raise their hand in solidarity).

Last night, my husband…

It’s quite simple actually. There are a few steps. Try these 4 step out, maybe they help you out next time.

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This requires maturity, and open mind and a willingness to see that other people are just as passionate and important as your own self.

Step 1: Ask the other…

Having a mentor in your life could mean saving loads of time, heartache and resources on growing a business. Mentors can compress decades of wisdom and experience into a handful of conversations.

I recently interviewed Cameron Herold, known around the world as the “CEO Whisperer”, about his experience with mentorship…

“People just wanna be treated as people!”

In this video I talk about what mindset leaders and managers MUST HAVE today in order to find success in their personal and professional lives.

The problem today is people are being treated like things. Rather than seeing people for their skills…

A happy hello to all all reading this,

Because of the internet we can be prancing in Prague, while still earning cash online.

Do you own a website?

Yes? OK. Next question.

How effective is your website at turning viewers into leads, or raving fans?

If your answer is… uh, I have no clue then…

What is Evernote?

Evernote is the collection of thoughts, articles, tasks, lists, processes, recordings, photos and/or other nonsense from my brain that I want be able to recall at some point in the future.

Are You New to Evernote and Completely Lost? So Was I.

When I first heard about Evernote is was this elusive productivity tool that was so amazing, yet so personal…

Me, my husband, two friends (Stu and Kraig) with actors Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin at ComicCon Salt Lake City in 2014.

In the spring of 2014, my husband convinced me to volunteer at the Salt Lake City ComicCon. If you don’t know, ComicCon is a large multi-day convention dedicated to fans of comic books, movies, and other entertainment. Perhaps you’ve seen cosplayers dressed up as superhero’s or characters from the latest…

Natalee Champlin

I help people leaders build engaged teams who buy into the vision and make extraordinary results happen.

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